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Card duels in a fantasy world


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Rolplay is an online trading card game in which you can create your own hero and participate in a fantasy world where combats are settled with card duels, similar to other games like Magic The Gathering.

When you start playing Rolplay you have to create your character, choosing from the three main classes available: warrior, mage, and alchemist. Each one has its own attributes; warriors, for instance, have 700 life points, while mages only have 500.

Once you have your hero you can start the adventure. Although combats are the main feature in Rolplay, many other elements are important as well. You have to create your own deck with the cards that you get, this is the main factor that later makes you win or lose duels.

Creating a bad deck will result in bad duels, so it's always a good idea to take a second look at yours. To get new cards you just have to buy new packs (with virtual money, not real money) on the game store. Besides, in contrast to other games, they are pretty affordable.

Rolplay also includes, as the name indicates, role playing elements. You character can earn experience as you win battles, and improve different attributes, such as life and speed.

Rolplay is a really fun trading card game. Without being too complex on its gameplay it offers a great experience. Specially good for those who love trading card games like Magic The Gathering and Spectromancer.
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